Fire Damage Doesn’t Have to Be the End for Hillsboro Businesses

The commercial fire caused extensive damage to businesses, but no injuries were reported.

Over 20 businesses in Hillsboro are facing the difficult question of how to carry on, after a fire engulfed the Weil Arcade building in early January.

The blaze lasted for nearly two days, caving in part of the roof of the century-old building. Many of the beloved community institutions found in and around Weil Arcade may, sadly, be gone forever. Others will be forced to relocate. Still others, however, are likely trapped in a sort of disaster-limbo, as their owners process this loss and ask themselves, is fire damage restoration worth it for me?

Most business and property owners in Oregon are aware that fire can affect them at any time. Still, there’s a big difference between having an abstract fire plan, and staring at a space you’ve poured your heart into, now blackened with soot, and trying to imagine what it would take to salvage it.

The good news is that, when it comes to fire damage restoration, Portland and its surrounding areas, like Hillsboro, have experts close at hand. Very often, rebuilding after a fire is actually more feasible than business owners imagine, with the right expertise.

Arson Doesn’t Necessarily Void Commercial Property Insurance

One of the most common concerns people have after a fire is, of course, how they will cover the cost of fire damage restoration. Portland-area business owners are no doubt asking themselves this question now, but with an extra, painful twist.

The Weil Arcade fire was not an accident or natural disaster, as most Oregon fires are. It has been officially ruled arson, and a suspect has been arrested and charged.

This news must have been devastating for the survivors. Firstly, because of the emotional pain of realizing that someone did this to them on purpose, but secondly, because of the myth that insurance never covers arson.

This myth stems from the fact that insurance companies absolutely will not pay for fires that the policyholder deliberately set themselves. However, many commercial property insurance policies do cover damage caused by the criminal acts of others, including arson.

A Good Restoration Service Handles All Types of Damage After a Fire

The damage fire leaves behind goes far beyond the effect the flames have directly on a structure. Other forms of damage typically include:

This does not mean, however, that you will need three or four different repair services.

At Premier Restoration Partners, we know our way around all aspects of fire damage restoration, Portland is our home, and we’ll make it our personal mission to get your property ready for a grand-reopening as soon as possible.

Call us any time, day or night, to discuss your repair needs.