Water Damage Services

Water damage can be devastating to a home or business, and every situation is different.  While we have mitigated hundreds of water damage claims in homes and businesses, we understand that this will more than likely be the first time our customer has had to go through such an ordeal.  The obvious damage, from water-soaked carpets and walls, to wet furniture and contents, may only be the tip of the iceberg.  Water hides within walls and ceilings, in subfloors and behind cabinets.  These areas must be thoroughly dried to prevent secondary damages like mold or even structural damage.  Our professionals will take the time to assess the water damage and explain the steps necessary to get your property back to normal.  We will dry the structure, removing as little material as possible, saving time and money on the reconstruction process.

Whatever the cause, fast
mitigation is key to restoration


Water begins to wick up drywall.
Furniture standing on wet carpeting begins to stain.


Dyes from fabrics can begin to bleed.
Wet furniture begins to delaminate and swell.


Mold growth.
Severe warping and cupping of wood floors.
  Structural damage.

What To Do During
Water Damage

Measures To Dos Before Our 24 Hour Flood Response
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What To Do During
Water Damage

Measures To Dos Before Our 24 Hour Flood Response
Precautions To Follow Before Our 24 Hour Flood Response

What NOT TO DO During
Water Damage


Premier Restoration Partners are available with 24 hour flood response to help homeowners and businesses deal with any water damage situation.  Our IICRC certified crews provide water extraction, structural drying, cleaning and sanitizing of damaged items and reconstruction as needed.  We will also handle content pack out, storage and restoration if required.


Using infrared cameras and moisture meters, we will determine the extent of the water damage.


Removal of standing water is the first step in mitigating the damage.


Materials are dried through evaporation and dehumidification. Air movers, dehumidifiers and other specialty equipment such as heater panels or floor mats are used to complete the drying process.

Cleaning and sanitizing

Materials and contents damaged by the water are cleaned and deodorized using specialized cleaning techniques and products.


Any unsalvageable materials that were removed in the drying process, such as drywall or flooring are replaced to bring the structure back to pre-loss condition.

Case study

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Case Study Before After

Tigard, OR

Water Damage affected bathroom

When a recent storm tore off a section of roof on a Tigard townhome, water damage affected a bathroom.


Water Damage affected Bathroom

Case Study Before After